STANDARD (10 × 25 × 5000 mm)

Individual profiles are connected to each other by means of plastic parts that are visible or hidden inside the profile after erection.

In the case of a larger size, bending of the frame inwards occurs due to the effect of a tightly stretched screen. This is prevented by inserting horizontal, vertical or cross reinforcements.

These frame types are fastened with bevelled turning holders attached with spirorivets in the screen frame.

This above-mentioned fastening method has the advantage that there is no need to drill window frames or screens and they can be installed from inside and are readily removable.

We manufacture profiles as well as all visible plastic fasteners in three colours as standard (white, brown, wood imitation). On mutual agreement, it is possible to manufacture a precise quantity as well as other colour variants.

We manufacture invisible plastic fasteners without applying surface colour, they are only in the colour of the material used.

  • dimensions 10 × 25 × 5000 mm
  • exceptional due to its up-to-date round shape
  • manufactured from rolled aluminium with baking paint protected surface
  • colour scheme: white, brown, wood imitation
  • suitable for plastic as well as wooden windows

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