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Profile rolling

The Pressing Shop concentrates on rolling the profiles required for the production of fixed insect screens and blinds. We manufacture all profile types in seven colour variants – white, brown, imitation wood, silver, nut, golden oak and anthracite.

The assortment of galvanised varnished section irons includes upper profiles, "C" lower profiles (bottom rails) and cover moulds of upper profiles.

The louver system is available in four colors - white, brown, light brown and silver. During rolling, we use good-quality aluminium and iron strips from Swiss and German companies either single-side or double-side varnished, with a maximum sheet thickness of 0.8 mm (aluminium) and 1 mm (iron). The maximum profile size is based on sheet width when it is developed (170 mm). We roll pre-varnished sheets without varnish damage. We pay special attention to quality and shape perfection. We pack 5 m long rolled profiles individually using packing papers and then place them into boxes. In this way we try to prevent possible damage during transport. We also offer the possibility of custom rolling, including the development of profile and production of the rolling wheels.

Cold-rolled aluminium screen profiles:

  • door profile 20 × 50 × 5000 mm
  • door profile R18
  • door transom 108 × 10 × 5000 mm
  • window profile 10 × 25 × 5000 mm
  • window transom 20 × 8 × 4000 mm
  • window edged profile 12 × 31 × 5000 mm
  • window edged profile with R50 radius

Rolled iron blind profiles:

  • unequal-armed upper profile
  • "C" lower profile
  • 25 × 25 Brilant upper profile cover mould

Profile rolling

Injection of plastics

The Pressing Shop was founded in 1997. Thenceforth it has dealt with the development and production of technical thermoplastic mouldings. We have German injection presses Arburg enabling the maintenance of the quality of products.

We use peripherals such as drying unit, tempering unit, granulate pump can … We process a wide range of technical plastics, for example: ABS, ASA, PA6, PA6 30GF, POM, PS, PC, PP and PE. We always use original granulation without admixtures crunches. Normally we use additives such as UV stabilizers, colors...

We also offer custom stamping – we provide development of moldings, 3D printing, building of prototypes, production and maintenance of molds (all in our company). The maximum form size is to the dimension of 420 x 420 cm, max. closing force of the press is 1000 kN, max. weight of the molding is 165 g. The calculation for the production of the mold and stamping is without fees.

Injection of plastics

Pressing of metal-sheet parts

Further products of the Pressing Shop include metal-sheet parts used during the production of Venetian blinds, interior blinds and insect screens. The company's machinery also includes several eccentric presses that produce metal components using cutting tools. Notched semi-finished products of metal-sheet parts are zinc coated and then powder coated. The offer of colors for metal-sheet parts corresponds to the color range of rolled profiles. The whole product range of these parts without colour, only zinc coated, is readily in stock for undemanding customers. Metal components are usually packed in a quantity of 1000 pcs.

Pressing of metal-sheet parts

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