You can select both the standard as well as the all-shading design and with the same components used you can choose a straight or a round (radius-based) blind design that adapts its shape to the appearance of the window profile, i.e., both wooden frames and all plastic types.

Thanks to the well-thought-out design of fastening holes, erection of the system can be carried out to both a window frame and a glazing bar. This simply removes the built-up hole problem with transition to a more modern type of blind technique in the future.

All fastening screws in the parts are positioned so that they can be covered with the next part. Covers are attached to the frames with the "click-clack" system.

For perfect design, profiles and plastic components are manufactured in white, brown, ochre, and silver. The aluminium slat colour is selected by the customer from the colour chart. If the customer decides on production and sale of the blind system ZEUS, we are able to supply all components in the above-mentioned colours, very flexibly, and in any quantity.

Control of this all-shading blind is performed with a well-tried chain type using up-to-date gearless transmission of rotational movement to linear movement. Using this control, you can regulate both the screened area size and intensity of light transmitted.

The system design does not restrict the use of insect screens. The blinds can be combined with any ZEBR s.r.o. screen system.

The system ZEUS is part of the blind production technology offered together with our machines, tools, software for Z-IP blind production control, and personnel training for the assembly of blinds.

Why choose our system:

  • We have reduced the number of components used to a minimum
  • We made installation easier
  • We save your time as well as money
  • We deliver automatic as well as semi-automatic machines for cutting slats and threading to ladders
  • We produce tools for profile processing
  • We install the information system ZIP for blind production control

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