VERTIKAL (100/215, 130/215)

Ideal solution in cases when placing a conventional fly screen would be impossible (caravans, weekend houses, cellars, frequently opened doors in shops, hairdresser's etc...)

Simple and easy installation - adjust (i.e. shorten) the upper plastic fixing strips to the required screen width, attach plastic strip holders to the door frame, place the screen band into the upper plastic fixing strips (in the required height), use scissors or a knife to trim the screen to the required length, slide profiled end-pieces into the upper strip and hang up the screen by clipping it into the holders...

  • Dimensions:
    100/215   = 100 cm (max. screen width) x 215 cm (max. screen length)
    130/215   = 130 cm (max. screen width) x 215 cm (max. screen length)
  • Screen colour - black, upper strip colour - white
  • Easy handling (disassembly and folding procedures are very simple)
  • Variable dimensions - easy adjustments of the height and width of the screen
  • Quick installation and assembly
  • Protective UV filter assures colour stability of the utilised materials
  • Long service life in the ISO  9001 quality

Files for download:

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