A single-purpose rolling line for production of up to 3 slat types of horizontal exterior blinds C, S, Z or Flach (according to the customer┬┤s requirements).

The transformation of rolling wheels is performed by turning the whole worktable with , including the reconstruction of all working parts.


  • unrolling device
  • 3 sets of rolling wheels 
  • tool for punching holes for TEXBAND
  • tool for punching of various holes for guiding pins or side guiding
  • pneumatic dividing tool
  • cutting-out of fixing hooks for ladder cord fixing with slats of type C and FLACH
  • shot fired fixing of flat or HAGOFIX hooks with slats type Z or S
  • rolling-in of the sealing rubber with slats type Z or S (including the possibility of fixation)
  • stacking table with manually or automatically adjustable stacking stands
  • central tool lubrication system
  • control system with touch panel
  • simple entering of dimensions for manufactured slats
  • two production modes: STANDARD and ATYP

A-TYPE - Optional seetting of punching holes position on the slat. Positions can be defined by entering the exact value.

STANDARD - Automatic setting of punching holes position ont the slats depending on the size of the slat


  • increase of product quality
  • noticeable savings in production costs trough automation and high productivity
  • reducing the amount of the waste and defective products
  • fast transition from one profile to another
  • saving time and material ( due to the absence of the need to change the rolling wheels )
  • turntable for three different profiles
  • production of complete packets in one machine
  • modem for remote diagnostics of machines
  • connection of the machine to the company┬┤s intranet
  • connecting to the ETHERNET network
  • RDS-mode - alows for the increase of productivity and efficiency of the production by 100% in comparison with the machines with standard configuration
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